Virtuoso Inc Miami 

Virtuoso Inc is a multi faceted marketing and public relations company with the focus on professional deveopment. This company focuses on the visual artist, preformance art, event and venue promotion. We utilize innovative marketing strategies to grow and develop your brand and personalize our services to cater to your marketing needs.

To most, Miami is a destination, enjoyed in short durations and left with fond memories. To those who live here, Miami is a way of life. Beyond the swaying palm trees and picturesque beaches there is an undeniable pulse filled with inspiration just waiting to be harnessed. Growing up, I found myself drawn to the product of this pulse without prejudice to the form it took and with each passing year I knew I had to be a part of it. I have spent the last 10 years surrounded by artists and musicians watching in awe at their unique drives and passion to create. While most see and appreciate the end product, I know what it takes to get there: the idea, the work, the frustration and the  satisfaction once their vision is finally complete.  So while most see Miami in its final product, coming and going at will, I know that for those, like me, who wake up with the Florida sun, it is so much more. To support those inspired by its pulse requires a dedication to the process, working hand in hand so to speak, as truly celebrating success requires an understanding of the lessons that came before it. It is a dedication to the past, the present and the next evolution. It is my mission to partner with those inspired by those possibilities because if I know nothing else, I know I love Miami.”


                -Wellington Guzman, Virtuoso-Inc Miami