Keyani Watkins

"My art work is designed to challenge the mind of viewers with the juxtaposing of two genres in popular culture. I often use iconic figures and place well know cartoon characters inside the faces to convey the persona associated with that icon. These Works of art may produce the feeling of laughter and/or display serious truth."  

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Ivan Chinaski

Ivan Chinaski is an extremely talented local artist has been hosting incredible live painting events for many years. Amazing artist and individual.

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​Christina Aleah Madison

"Christina Madison started her art career in the small town of Elyria, OH. While being inspired by her art teacher at Elyria High School it was during her junior year, at the age of 16, that Christina discovered her talent in the arts.
The following year, Christina decided to put her art work, for the first time ever, on display in the National Scholastics Art show. She entered 22 pieces, winning 3 Gold Keys, 6 Silver keys, and 4 honorable mentions. This marked the beginning of a successful career for her.
In 2006, Christina went on to study Fine Arts at Purdue University. Here is where she learned different techniques, media, textures etc. that you see today in her most recent works. In 2009, Christina decided to take her career to the next level, by offering commissioned pieces for her viewers. She felt a connection with her viewers by creating art that was personalized specifically for them, and impacting their lives through her talent.
Today, Christina is still creating thought provoking, and stunning images for art lovers like you to enjoy! While you’re here, visit the gallery and take a journey through her mind… all the way to the tip of her brush! Enjoy"
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